The Company

Our Mission

United Caribbean Airlines Ltd. was founded in 2006  based on the island of Curacao to provide an exceptional flying experience for the most discerning business and private traveller: an experience in which we meet the needs and exceed the expectations of every customer.
We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to pioneer the very highest standards achievable in private aviation. Indeed, we promise our customers that, from the finesse of our service to our attention to every smallest detail, they will constantly be aware how United Caribbean Airlines has turned flying into a fine art.


Our Vision

Our Vision is Clear. United Caribbean Airlines Ltd. wishes to bring the excellence of its many services to an even international business customers.In this endeavour we will never compromise our standards of customer service in any way. On the contrary: we will use the experience gained through our increased capability and experience to spur us to reach even higher levels of excellence.
At this point in time, it is difficult for anyone to imagine how we can over offer higher standards than we do now. But as the future unfolds, we believe that the possibilities for continued improvement will present themselves in the future.

Our Values

We value the complete satisfaction of every one of our esteemed customers above everything else. Indeed, United Caribbean Airlines Ltd. entire reputation is built on this.We achieve this high ideal by understanding the needs of our customers and having the will, the experience, the staff and the infrastructure to meet these needs.
In all our dealings with our customers, we treat everyone as an individual. We treat them with genuine respect and aim to demonstrate our appreciation that they have chosen to bring their valued business to us. At the end of the day, our watchword is ‘customer service par excellence’. This is why, from the finesse of our service to our attention to the smallest detail, it will always be evident how United Caribbean Airlines Ltd. has elevated flying to a fine art.