Air Taxi

Air Taxi charter is fast becoming an essential tool for many of today’s busy executives who need to maximize the efficiency of their working day.  Chartering an Air Taxi from United Caribbean Airlines is the ideal way for the modern executive to travel on domestic business trips and short distance flights which require the ultimate in flexibility, comfort and affordable same-day service.

Short flights into the  Caribbean Region are easier than ever with United Caribbean Airlines’ rapid response Air Taxi charter service.  Our private Air Taxi fleet includes modern aircrafts, perfectly suited to your individual requirements.  Chartering an Air Taxi allows you to save precious time and visit multiple locations in the same day.  Not only will our Air Taxi shuttle take you to your next appointment on time (your time)  and in complete comfort, our professional flight crew also have the capability and flexibility to remain on stand-by to accommodate last minute schedule changes offering a truly responsive, bespoke Air Taxi service.

For corporate flyers, utilizing a chartered Air Taxi can transform a domestic or business trip from an entire day’s ordeal into a fast, efficient and affordable experience.  Air Taxi charters mean no changing planes or overcrowded airports and allow you to arrive at your destination in hours instead of wasting a valuable day in transit.  You’ll also find that United Caribbean Airlines’ rapid response Air Taxi service eliminates office staff shortages, hotel accommodations and per diem expenses.  Chartering an Air Taxi with United Caribbean Airlines is not merely affordable; it actually saves you money and more importantly the most valuable commodity of all – TIME!

With an Air Taxi charter, hospitality flights to events such as music festivals or corporate road shows let you entertain clients with complete flexibility, in absolute style and comfort.  Not only will your guests enjoy the event, they can also return home or to the office without the stresses and delays common with commercial airlines.  Air Taxi charters are an outstanding transportation option for special events such as family gatherings allowing your guests to arrive together and on time.

United Caribbean Airlines’ highly experienced operations team will coordinate all the necessary arrangements on your behalf from confirming landing slots, arranging customs clearance and luxury chauffer driven vehicles at either end of your journey.  Fully supported by our expert Air Taxi flight planners and 24 hour Operations Center, its easy to understand why chartering a private Air Taxi through United Caribbean Airlines is fast becoming the preferred method of travel for hundreds of clients each and every year.