At United Caribbean Airlines our clients’ safety is paramount. 
Safety in Aviation is the most important operating & human factor there is. It is also a regulatory requirement to follow safety laws in support of your AOC. The objective of a safety in aviation is to minimize the risk of in flight or on ground incidents and accidents. Risk Management and mitigation of risk issues is done through good communication, clear procedures as well as constant reviewing of existing procedures, good training, good reporting and auditing and most of all through the creation of a non-punitive safety company culture that
encourages safety initiatives.
Understandably, many of us are nervous about flying, especially with the large commercial carriers. They would be justified in reasoning that when you have several hundred people traveling, it is naturally far more difficult to verify everyone thoroughly. By using a private aircraft, you are able to choose whom you fly with and where you fly from, at a time suited to you. With the safety and security aspect taken care of, you can totally relax and enjoy your travel.

 How does United Caribbean Airlines ensure the Safety Culture prevails for the company?

  • Think about your action and decisions and to speak up when you have any concerns.
  • Use the reporting systems set up by the safety sections.
  • Furthermore, try to look beyond your immediate range of knowledge/job specification and contribute possible solutions. The degree to which this happens depends to a large extent on our company culture. A culture in United caribbean Airlines which we are driving towards being non-punitive. I.e. we are all human and make mistakes, put your hand up when you have and let others learn. You will not be punished.

How does United Caribbean Airlines ensure the Airworthiness culture prevails for the company?

  • By ensuring that the company manuals are written in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the regulators and ensuring that they are kept up-to-date.
  • By following the Manufacturer’s guidelines for periodic maintenance and adopting them to suit our operation and regional environmental conditions with the approval of the authorities.
  • By ensuring that all certified and non-certified staff are properly trained and qualified to carry out their responsibilities.
  • By ensuring all requirements for mandated recurrent training such as continuation and Human Factors training is adhered to.
  • By promoting a non punitive culture within the organisation where staff are encouraged to admit to their mistakes which can seriously compromisethe safety and airworthiness of an aircraft.

How does United Caribbean Airlines ensure the Airworthiness culture prevails for the employees?

  • All individuals are screened prior to recruitment to ensure the validity and the authenticity of their qualifications and also their credibility with previous employers.
  • After employment, they are given induction training on company policy and procedures to ensure that they understand United Caribbean Airline’s requirements and standards prior to granting them approvals.
  • Their performance is closely monitored during the first few months after joining and periodic assessments are carried out throughout their employment period to ensure they maintain the high standards that required by United Caribbean Airline’s policy.