Group Charter

United Caribbean Airlines can provide an aircraft to accommodate your group.  Whether you are involved in organizing an incentive trip, launching a new product or arranging travel for a corporate hospitality event, our highly experienced charter professionals can arrange every detail of your corporate group charter.

United Caribbean Airlines will expertly arrange your group charter to the last detail, assuring you of exclusive services including in-flight catering to your specifications and even headrests with your company logo; this type of meticulous service is available only with United Caribbean Airlines group charter service. You’ll find that chartering a private plane is not only exquisitely enjoyable, but cost-effective as well.

With commercial flights, group travel can be a monumental hassle, taking all the enjoyment out of attending your special event.  United Caribbean Airlines’ group charter services will end your stress and inconvenience with total flexibility and a range of exclusive services.  A private aircraft charter, expertly arranged by United Caribbean Airlines, is the remedy for avoiding overcrowded airports and commercial flights which are unable to accommodate your group with the ease, flexibility and comfort you and your party demand.

United Caribbean Airlines’ bespoke group charter services ensure that your party will travel together in a timely manner and avoid the inconvenience of scheduled airline travel, enhancing enjoyment and eliminating stress.  Many people who would like to attend events with a group abandon their plans because of the hassle involved in coordinating flights and arranging details for travelers.  A group charter with United Caribbean Airlines is the ideal way to transport your entire group to the destination of your choice, when you desire.  Tell us where you want to go, and how many persons will be on the flight, and then sit back and relax, our expert travel planners will make it all happen for you!

When you need a group charter, United Caribbean Airlines offers you a unique opportunity to obtain your own, fully-crewed private aicraft that’s similar to a first-class commercial airliner with one crucial difference; this private plane charter is reserved for only your group!  This flexibility enables you to set your own itinerary and define the exclusive on board services that will enhance the enjoyment of your flight.