Charter FAQ

What does United Caribbean Airlines do?

United Caribbean Airlines arranges private travel on charter aircraft. Through us, travelers can quickly and easily book their own plane to and from the places of their choice. They tell us where they’re going and when, and we sort it out.

What is the difference between a charter airline and scheduled airline?

SCHEDULED flights by scheduled airlines are not contracted with other entities. Instead, flights are operated on a specific schedule by the airline itself, not on behalf of other entities. Individual reservations are made and ticketed directly with the carrier, online travel website, or travel agent.
CHARTER:  it means an individual or group enjoys access to the entire aircraft, rather than buying seats on a scheduled airliner. The customer sets the schedule, deciding when they fly, where from and on what type of aircraft.

What are the charter benefits?

The benefits are speed,time saving, convenience, privacy and comfort. There are no cancellations or rescheduled flights, and no hanging about for hours at airports waiting for check-in, security checks or baggage handling. United Caribbean Airlines customers are on the aircraft almost immediately and their bags are packed at the same time. They are in the air straight away and arrive as near to their ultimate destination as is possible and enjoy a journey of unparalleled comfort.

Won’t chartering a plane be hugely more expensive than flying on a scheduled airline?

Not necessarily. Customers might even end up saving money when all costs are taken into account. If you charter a plane, all the seats are yours. Fill them all and the price isn’t that much higher than on a scheduled airliner. And don’t forget that we can save customers huge amounts of time and money by flying when they want, and not when an airline wants. Business executives can get to their meeting and back in one day, saving on hotel accommodation and other costs. There is also the possibility of substantial discounts by taking advantage of an empty leg.

What’s an empty leg?

It’s the return flight of a plane that has been booked to fly in only one direction. It has to fly back anyway, and fuel and crew still have to be paid for, so rather than fly empty, travelers can get a hugely discounted fare to fill the seats on the return flight. Customers can submit a bid to United Caribbean Airlines which we will accept or make an alternative offer to you.

How safe are charter airlines?

Passengers’ health and safety are our highest priority. Charter crew is subject to strict regulations and has the required hours of flying experience to warrant this. All our aircrafts are subject to the same stringent checks and maintenance as on scheduled airlines. And don’t forget you’ll often be flying out of smaller, less congested airports.

Is it easy to book a flight with United Caribbean Airlines?

Yes. We have an online booking website, which allows travelers to enter details of their departure point and destination, their date of travel . You can request a quote based on your specific flight, and then the flight is easy to confirm online or by contacting the United Caribbean Airlines Operations Center at telephone number +599 9 889 0917 or an email at Our charter professionals are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve you.

Can United Caribbean Airlines arrange multiple flights?

Yes. We can help you organize access to major sporting or other events, arrange in-flight catering to customers’ specifications, arrange chauffeured cars to take travelers to their final destination point, and recommend the finest hotel accommodation. In other words, United Caribbean Airlines can take care of every aspect of the trip.